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Are your studies alone not satisfying enough for you? Are you searching for more challenges and more responsibilities? Then KBC is the right oppertunity for you. As a part of our student-run consultancy, you will be prepared in the most suitable way for your future career by working closely together on real business cases. We are constantly searching ambitious members that thrive to share their ideas in a professional working enviroment. Are you what we are searching for?



Personalities - We are searching for individuals with different stories, backgrounds, cultures and interests. Diversity is one of our essential aspects and you can be a part.

Commitment - In KBC, we not only need responsibility and reliability, but also engagement and motivation to get to the top.

Creativity - If you are able to think in an abstract way, out of the box and come up with innovative solutions, KBC welcomes your ideas from the start.

Team player - Together we can achive more. Your help, support and respect ensure that we get out the best of everyone.

Problem solving - Being faced difficult cases, you work ambitious and determined to narrow down complex processes and find aplicable solutions. 



Gain practical experience – While working on internal processes and external projects, you apply and enlarge your knowledge.

Improve your know how – By participating in negotiations, workshops and working on real business cases you will improve your soft skills and extend your knowledge.

Extend your network – You do not only profit from our network consisting of students, alumni and companies, during your studies but also in your future career.

Focus on your personal development – KBC is a platform to explore your interests and to get insight in different fields.

Benefit from flexible time management –  KBC gives you the freedom of flexible time management. You can work with your schedule and learn to become more productive.

Increase future job opportunities –  In general, you profit from extra-curricular activities, but KBC is even a bigger asset for your CV.


If you want to work in our team, then send us your motivation letter and CV to


Application process

  1. Send us your CV and tell us in a motivation letter, why you would be a good fit and why we should select you.
  2. After having screened your documents, you will be invited for a personal talk to get to know each other.
  3. With other applicants, you will work on a case study and develop a possible solution.
  4. Having performed in the application process before, you will get the chance to work on a trainee project.
  5. Passing all steps, you work as a full student consultant. Congratulations!


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