Our services

Market research:

We offer to analyse your industry in order for you to get a comprehensive overview about the current situation, trends and developments.


In addition, we provide competitor analyses as well as analyses on how to address your target group.


If you want to focus on a particular field, we collect appropriate data through both primary and secondary research.


Marketing concepts:

Through purposeful marketing strategies, concepts and measures we help you to gain decisive competitive advantages. Our portfolio includes the individual consultation with respect to price, product, distribution and communication policies.



We support you to create a unique and consistent image in the consumer’s mind which is in line with your strategy. Moreover, we help you with re-inventing your brand.


University marketing:

Due to the direct link with the target group, KBC is a knowledgeable partner when it comes to university marketing.


Start-up advisory:

When you start up a new business, we provide assistance by means of a business plan. We develop an individual concept for you. The consultation contains the illustration of internal strength and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats as well as suggestions for improvement. 


Marketing Quick-Scan:

We provide the basis for successful marketing by analysing the current state of your marketing activities and work out potential for development.